5 Awesome Spooky Party Themes ...


5 Awesome Spooky Party Themes ...
5 Awesome Spooky Party Themes ...

It’s Halloween time! It’s time to gear up and figure out what your party theme is going to be. Below, I am going to give you 5 awesome spooky party themes …

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Vampire Theme

Oh yes, a vampire theme. This will be a party from the pits of Hell. You can have balloons in the shape of bats. A bloody cake and lots of red Jell-o. Vampires are always the life of the party.


Evil Clown Theme

I got this idea from the movie by Stephen King called It where they had an evil clown. Clowns have always been on my spooky list, so it makes sense to me to include an evil clown theme on this list. You can purchase a normal clown costume, but add some life to it by putting fake blood all over the costume, your arms and your face. For an added effect, wear some vampire teeth. For the party cake, make a clown cake and don’t forget to have lots of spooky Halloween shaped balloons.


Zombie Theme

The zombie theme sounds like a perfect theme if you have a love for the living dead. This is a theme that has been around for a long time and will never get old. With this theme, you could really make a costume/party look awesome.


Witch Theme

With the witch theme, you do not have to be plain. You can go deep into the costume. In fact, some witches don’t have to wear the witch hat. I always thought that witch hat would get in the way of casting those magic spells.


Ghost Theme

Are you afraid of ghosts? Of course you are! Especially if they are evil ghosts that are out to get you! I think a good spooky party theme would be a ghost theme.

Those are 5 awesome spooky party themes that you could do this Halloween. What about you? What theme do you plan on trying this year? What theme did you have last year?

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