5 Best Video Games with Cool Guns ...


5 Best Video Games with Cool Guns ...
5 Best Video Games with Cool Guns ...

It’s time to write about 5 Best Video Games with Cool Guns. In each shooter FPS video game, you will find their own set of guns and some of them are cool. Let me give you my list of cool guns in games..

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Gears of War Saw Gun”

This gun was my favourite for this game. You can saw the locust in half. Gears of War 2 kept the saw gun and added a new dual feature to protect you in Multiplayer called a saw dual.


Final Fantasy 8 Gun Blade

The gun blade was squalls favourite weapon. The weapon was a regular sword with a pistol type handle that allowed you to shoot your enemy and hit at the same time.


Doom 3 BFG 9000

I’m sure you know what the BFG means and I don’t have to spell it out for you, but this gun was a really neat gun in the game. This gun can blow everyone in the room with one burst!


Unreal Tournament 2003 Link Gun

The link gun was the most used gun for me in this game. You can heal your fellow team members. You also can attack your enemies with this gun. It is a powerful gun and doesn’t take much ammo.


Halo Reach Sniper Rifle

You might think this sniper rifle is only for sniping your enemies, but in halo reach it takes out vehicles. I’ve shot enemies wraths or tanks with one shot and destroyed them. You just have to make sure you shoot the right spot. Also, it helps take down enemy’s banshees.

When I play a shooter game with my husband, I like to play shooters that have good weapons that make it fun to play. Now that you got my 5 cool guns for video games, do you think the same?

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