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I thought the entire Twilight series was fantastic and never get tired of reading each book again and again. There are so many great quotes in each book, so I thought I’d share 5 cool Edward quotes with you that I like best of all.

5. “I’ve Never Been in an Accident, Bella – I’ve Never Even Gotten a Ticket. Built-in Radar Detector.”

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Edward said this to Bella in Twilight when Edward was driving and Bella expressed concern about how fast he was going. I think it’d be cool to have built-in radar. I bet you could avoid a lot of accidents that way too.

4. “He Called You Pretty. That’s Practically an Insult, the Way You Look Right Now. You’re Much More than Beautiful.”

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In Twilight, Jacob told Bella she looked pretty for the dance when he came to relay a message from his dad. Edward said this quote after Jacob had left.

3. “Well, I’m Nearly a Hundred and Ten. It’s Time I Settled down.”

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This was Edward’s reply to Bella in New Moon after he proposed to her. I would think that after more than a hundred years, this is an understatement!

2. “if We Could Bottle Your Luck, We’d Have a Weapon of Mass Destruction on Our Hands.”

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In Eclipse, Edward said this to Bella, which only added to the running joke that was present through just about all the books. Bella seemed to be always on the unlucky side or, as my grandmother would say, an accident waiting to happen.

1. “Bachelor Parties Are Designed for Those Who Are Sad to See the Passing of Their Single Days. I Couldn’t Be More Eager to Have Mine behind Me. so There’s Really No Point.”

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Edward made this statement in Breaking Dawn when there was mention of him having a bachelor party. I thought this was one of his sweetest statements ever.

I know there are tons of other quotes by Edward that might be considered more memorable to others, but each of these was cool to me in their own way. What are some of your favorite quotes by Edward? Do you think one of the books contained a larger selection of more serious quotes?

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