Warm up Your Winter Wedding with These Tasteful Tricks ...


Warm up Your Winter Wedding with These Tasteful Tricks ...
Warm up Your Winter Wedding with These Tasteful Tricks ...

A winter wedding can be pretty fabulous. There are lots of décor options that simply aren’t available in the summertime. However, going winter white can make things feel a bit cold and stark. If you want your winter wedding to feel warm and cozy, you’ve got to do some things to get it there. Luckily, there are tons of ideas. I’ve consolidated them into a few easy things you can incorporate into your wedding for lots of warmth and a day that no one will ever forget.

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Light a Fire Somewhere

If you’re lucky enough to host your wedding in a venue with a fireplace, this is so easy to do. A roaring fire will add romance and coziness to your wedding. If there’s no fireplace, you can still achieve this. Simply scatter loads of candles throughout the place and light them all for the entire time you’re celebrating. All those flames will produce physical heat and will make the room feel closer and warmer.


Incorporate Some Warm Colors

The color wheel is divided into warm and cool colors. Just seeing warm hues can heat up a winter wedding. Use red, orange, pink or yellow when you choose linens or flowers and you’ll add instant warmth to your big day. You might also consider having the bridesmaids and groomsman wear warm colors. The best part is that these colors really pop against a winter white background.


Choose Roses as Your Wedding Flower

There are several varieties of roses that bloom in the winter. Scattering them throughout your wedding venue infuses the entire room with the scent, which will make everyone think of summertime, which will add the sense of warmth to the day. Roses come in all colors so there’s a pretty good chance you can find some that go with your wedding color scheme.


Serve Warm Drinks at the Bar

Even if you’re in a heated room, winter can make it drafty and chilly. Stocking your bar with a variety of warm drinks in addition to the beer and wine gives your guests the option of a cozy beverage. Hot chocolate, coffee, mulled wine and cider are fantastic options. You can even spike the non-alcoholic ones if you want to. Just make sure the kids aren’t sampling them!


Get the Music Thumping

When everyone is moving and dancing, they produce body heat, which can warm up a room in no time. Plus, what wedding would be complete without some getting down on the dance floor? Let your band or DJ know that you want some fast music and pretty soon the entire guest list will be cutting a rug and you’ll all be warm.


Provide Blankets to Your Guests

Here’s something I know for sure. Churches can be really cold. The area is so big and heating it can be a challenge. Same with huge venues for big weddings. Consider giving out cozy blankets as your favor. They don’t have to be crazy expensive. A simple square of fleece is perfect. That way your guests can snuggle up if they get chilly.


Set up a Tropical Photo Booth

It might be the dead of winter, but you can pretend that you’re partying on the beach in July, right? Set up a fun backdrop with palm trees, sand and the ocean and let your guests go crazy with props for a really fun photo shoot that will make your wedding so memorable. Try sunglasses, leis and fancy cocktails. If you have kids on your guest list, they will love this!

Are you having a winter wedding? What are your plans for keeping it warm?

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