5 Cool Songs by Korn for a Vampire ...


5 Cool Songs by Korn for a Vampire ...
5 Cool Songs by Korn for a Vampire ...

Korn is a popular band. I remember listening to them when I was in high school and here I am today, still listening to them. They have proved that kilts can be sexy! Yes, I just said it. I have decided to give you 5 cool songs by Korn for a vampire …

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Freak on a Leash

“Feeling like a freak on a leash.” Yes, if a vampire were put on a leash, they would definitely be a freak on a leash. Sorry, I just had to say it.



This is actually one of Metallica’s songs. However, I think Korn adds a really good sound to it. Don’t worry, I still like Metallica’s version of one. Either way I go, this sounds like something a vampire would like.



“And I'm sorry that I don't believe. By the evidence that I see .That there's any hope left for me. It's evolution.” Yes, Evolution would definitely be a good song for a vampire.

Word up

“Got a weird thing to show you.” Yes, the lyrics in this song are great. Of course, it’s a remake, but that’s okay. Korn makes it sound even better in my book.


All in the Family

This one is Korn and Limp Bizkit. I love it! Just think of one being Edward and one being Jacob – hey – it fits!

Those are 5 cool songs by Korn for a vampire. These are awesome songs that any rocking vampire would listen to! Right?

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