5 Cool Things about the Twilight Series ...

While I am not obsessed with Twiight, I do like it. I have watched every movie and read every book. I was a Twilight fan way before the first movie came out. I am going to give you 5 cool things about the Twilight Series …

5. Edward

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Yes, I would probably be wrong not to mention Edward in this blog. When one girl thinks of Twilight, they probably think of Edward. So, yes, Edward is a cool thing in the Twilight series.

4. They Are Sparkly

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I really dig the concept of sparkly vampires. This really does put that unique twist to things. Who would of ever thought that vampires would be sparkly?

3. A Dream

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It is hard to believe that this entire series started on a mere dream by Stephanie Meyer. You know, she had the dream of a guy and a girl sitting in a green meadow talking and that is when it all started. Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing this story with us.

2. Werewolf Vs. Vampire

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It wasn’t your typical werewolf Vs. vampire movie, but in a way, werewolves were against vampires and vice versa. What happens in the end is truly amazing.

1. Unique Twist

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Twilight definitely had that unique twist. I mean, I thought we saw it all, until Twilight came along. Bella fell in love with Edward, then with Jacob who was a werewolf and in the end, the person Jacob imprinted on was amazing.

Those are 5 cool things about the Twilight series in my opinion. What about you? Are you able to think of more cool things that you really liked about the series?

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