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5 Cool Twilight Pictures of Edward on ...

By Melanie

Edward – yes, we save the best for last. Edward Cullen – I bet his name is written on many girls back to school folders this year. I am sure that if I went to school and was not married, I probably would have had his name plastered all over my stuff. Will this craze ever fade? Well, I have decided to take it a bit further for you and give you 5 cool Twilight pictures of Edward on

5 Blue Picture of Edward

Blue Picture of EdwardPhoto Credit: flickerbitches

Yes, Edward definitely looks good in blue. Then again, you probably think he looks good in anything or nothing at all. With this picture, Edward has a cool look to him. What do you think?

4 Edward and the Piano

Edward and the PianoPhoto Credit: --swtness

I always thought that guys were more sexy when they played the piano. I must say that this picture of Edward playing the piano definitely does him justice. He is playing the lullaby for Bella. Isn’t that just the sweetest thing ever?


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3 Edward Cullen and Bella Swan

Edward Cullen and Bella SwanPhoto Credit: Vane Ferreira

I just had to include a picture of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan together. They look so sexy together in this picture. This is definitely one of my favorite pictures of the two together.

2 Wow Edward

Wow EdwardPhoto Credit: ~Ekat~ Team MIKE!!!

In this picture, it looks as if Edward has rough skin, but that is okay, that doesn’t stop us from liking him. I think it’s just the way the picture is. Nonetheless, I just had to include this picture on the list.

1 Edward over Bella

Edward over BellaPhoto Credit: sierra.kayla

This is another one of my favorites of Bella and Edward together. I like how Edward is hovering over Bella in this manner.

There you have 5 Cool Twilight pictures of Edward. What do you think of them? Which ones are your favorite?

Top Photo Credit: sierra.kayla

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