5 Elements of Feng Shui ...


5 Elements of Feng Shui ...
5 Elements of Feng Shui ...

Feng Shui is an old practice from China. It’ the art of arranging things in the right place to reach a balance in the end, to be in harmony with the environment. This applies in architecture, human interactions and many other important things in our lives. It has 5 elements…

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It is represented by the color green and it has the direction east or south-east, it stimulates creativity and growth. Its main form is a rectangle and its time of the year is Spring.


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on the flow of energy and the balance of the five key elements in a given space. Wood is one of those five elements and is associated with the east or south-east direction. It is represented by the color green and is linked to creativity, growth, and new beginnings.

Wood is believed to be the most powerful of the five elements, as it is the element of life and renewal. In feng shui, wood is associated with the season of spring and the shape of a rectangle. It is believed to bring positive energy to any space and is often used to create a feeling of growth and abundance.

Wood can be used to decorate a space in various ways. From furniture to artwork, wood pieces can be used to add a sense of warmth and life to a space. Additionally, plants are often used to represent the element of wood in feng shui, as they are believed to bring positive energy and growth to the home.



Dark blue and black are corresponding to it, its season is Winter, it points to the south and is the symbol of wealth. It’s shaped like a curve.



It’s white, golden or silvery, shows the west and north-west and comes with power and success. It’s round and his period is Autumn.



Colored in yellow and brown, with the direction to the south-west and north-east it’s reliable, stable and brings confidence. It’s a square.



This is the most powerful of all. Its colors are red and orange, it goes to the north and it symbolizes action and energy, summer. It looks triangular.

In our days Feng Shui is used specially in home decoration, they say it brings joy, fun , energy, happiness to the people who live in a house that uses this art, because , being a place of relaxation, it must have a good furniture and object placing. Could this really have an impact on our lives? If anybody feels that something is not right about his living space, they should try this wonderful re-balance of these 5 elements. These are important also in the Chinese medicine because they have correspondence to the organs of our body: wood-liver, water-kidney, metal-lungs, earth-spleen, fire-heart. There must be a balance in everything, says the philosophy of the Chinese, how many of us take this into consideration?

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