5 Facts on Ghosts ...


5 Facts on Ghosts ...
5 Facts on Ghosts ...

Ghosts are disembodied spirits of dead people, they usually inhabit places where they lived in their physical life, but they were also killed there, most of them are victims. They are lost because they didn’t pass over, they ended up remaining on earth. It is known they have a behavior that makes them original…

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Ghosts Never Sleep

They don’t sleep, the main reason for being more active at night is that they don’t have to use so much energy to manifest like in daylight, usual thing they do is walking the stairs up and down.


Want to Be Noticed

They want to make themselves noticeable for people and for this purpose they leave behind a perfume smell, they move certain objects or make noises.


Animals Sense Them

Animals can see or sense them, if anybody sees his cat or dog starring at nothing in the thin air, making noise or refuse to enter a specific room, the best probability is seeing a spirit.


Want to Communicate with Us

They want to communicate with us, but they get bored quickly when they feel we want to take control, most often they seek company.


Don't Know They Are Dead

In the majority of cases they don’t even know they are dead, doing things as in real life not realizing they don’t have a body anymore. This is a consequence of being a materialistic person in their physical form or having a sudden death which makes them confuse.

It is said that spirits after the end of life have to find the light so they can cross over, otherwise they will remain on our world and haunt the places where they lived. Maybe they need guidance from some medium.Certain facts we know about ghosts but one thing we don’t and this would formulate in this question: Why they didn’t leave our plane, why they didn’t cross over ?

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