5 Facts on Owls ...

Owls are nocturnal birds with night vision and a very creepy appearance. Their flight is quiet and they have many references in the folklore and myths. Over one hundred species exit out there. Here are 5 known facts on these birds…

5. They Are Predators

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Being birds of prey they eat a lot of different things: other birds, animals like small mammals or reptiles, or insects. They usually hunt in the night but some species hunt even in the day or in the dusk.

4. Their Eyeballs Can’t Move

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To look they move their entire head because of the fixed position of their eyes, so their head can make turns on a wide range. This has generated a myth that owls can look backwards, by turning their heads totally. They have 3 eyelids as well, and you can tell about their hunt time by the color of the eyes.

3. Their Feet Are Similar to Reptiles

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Having two toes in the back and two in the front, they can easily grab their prey and manipulate it with ease. The owl kills with the aid of its talons, crushing the prey.

2. They Are Protected by Law

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Due to extinction these birds are protected by the state, a permit is necessary for owning an owl, otherwise this would be illegal.

1. They Create Different Sounds

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Owls use a variety of sounds for stating their territory or creepy sounds like screaming and many others. In the folklore it is said that if a bird like this screams near your house a family member will die soon.

Owls are known to be solitary but sometimes we meet them in groups, they are birds of darkness and sometimes scare us, but that is their natural state and it is something that is hard for a human to understand. They are known to spread death and drama on their arrival.

Top Photo Credit: Flávio Cruvinel Brandão

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