5 Facts on Zombies ...

For all of you zombie fans out there, I am going to give you 5 facts on zombies, so prepare yourself!

5. What do They Eat?

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What oh what would a zombie eat? If you were a zombie, what would you want to eat? Wait, you don’t know, because you are not thinking in a zombie brain. Oh, that reminds me – speaking of brains … zombie’s love to eat brains. Not only do they want more braaaaiiinnnss, they may also want some flesh with it.

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What does a zombie hate? A friend once told me that they hate being on fire. If you look at all of the horror movies, you notice that the zombies usually do not like fire.

3. Cremating

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When you cremate someone after they die, it will prevent them from rising as a zombie. So, if you do not like zombies, cremation may be on your mind. However, if you do not mind coming back as a zombie, then don’t cremate.

2. Canine

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The canine is the one animal that is able to detect a zombie. So, if your canine is going head over heels for something and you can’t see anything, it may be a zombie!

1. Zombie Decay

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Over time, a zombie is going to decay. That’s right, they start to fall apart. They stink too! The longest amount of time they are able to live would be two hundred years.

Zombies are a mighty interesting topic to discuss and there are so many facts on them. These 5 facts on zombies may be something you already knew. So, would you mind sharing some facts that are not on this list?

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