5 Magic Users in Video Games ...


5 Magic Users in Video Games ...
5 Magic Users in Video Games ...

Magic and video games are almost the same thing, except one hooks to the TV. The video game can act like magic by putting a neat image on screen and allowing the user to have fun through the controller. Magic does the same thing, but it’s more real. Let me give my next blog called 5 Magic Users In Video Games…

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The mage has the power of the 4 elements of earth. They can cast fire, lightning, ice and earth spells. Most video games allow these magic users to be the ultimate hard hitting class for critical hits and wear cloth robes.



Warlocks in most video games are known as men mages, but with more evil spells. Games like world of warcraft have them fearing, casting curses and siphoning life from other players. Not just WoW uses this magic user classes, you can find them in many video games as the main boss bad guy or boss enemy.



This magic user is used in many different games such as D&D, World of warcraft, deadly alliance, or even champions of Noarath. They can heal, use holy spells for damage and can use heavy armor.


Druids or Spirit Healers

Druids and spirit healers are known for transforming into tigers, bears or even trees. They are found in many games as well, such as World or warcraft and other role playing video games.


Priest or Healers

Healers or priest are one of the most common magic users in video games. They can heal you in battle or hurt others by using holy spells and shadow arts.

Video games can help the imagination of magic come alive, just like movies. You will often see many movies or video graphics that have real neat views of magic and how it is used. Often they use magic as the cause of all bad things, but always takes a good magic user to help stop the problem. Do you play a video game that has magic in it?

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