5 Most Haunted Places ...


5 Most Haunted Places ...
5 Most Haunted Places ...

Believe it or not, places haunted by ghosts are a real fact, for those who don’t know there are many abandoned or renewed castles, houses, hotels that are inhabited by spirits of the persons who lived there in the past, most of them had a traumatizing death, some of them didn’t even deserved it and they couldn’t find their peace, let’s see some of the most active places on earth, where witnesses of this phenomenon have experienced strange noises, perfume smells, objects moved or thrown or even apparitions of shadows…

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The Tower of London

With a hard history of one thousand years of executions and massacres taking place here, some of the inhabitants were decapitated, many ghosts have been spotted along the time. The spirit of the wife of Henry VIII has been seen carrying her head, she was beheaded in 1536 here.


The Queen Mary in California

This is an old ship that was transformed in a hotel in 1967, the fights and fires that killed some members of the crew including children created restless souls that haunt the cabins and the engine room with voices, screams and knockings in the walls.


The Paris Catacombs

The catacombs are a network of tunnels beneath the city, they were founded in 1700 and were used to deposit skeletal remains of the dead people when the space in the town cemeteries was not enough, this maze became full itself as the city grew.


Edimburgh Castle, Scotland

Parts of this building are nine hundred years old, it has a dungeon which was the place of many deaths, the manifestations here are mostly visual.


Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania

Built in 1829 this prison has got seven times more people over its capacity and was a very stressful place because of that, Al Capone was imprisoned here.

Many of us don’t believe in these haunted places, however it could be a extraordinary experience to visit one of them even for a skeptic.

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