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5 of My Favorite Quotes from Twilight ...

By Melanie

Avid readers know how difficult it is to read a book and not recall a variety of quotes that stuck with them. I guess it’s similar to the way a person will quote favorite movie lines. 5 of my favorite quotes from Twilight the book are listed below. Some of them made me laugh, while others struck a personal chord.

5 Good Luck Tended to Avoid Me. – Bella

I can totally empathize with Bella on this one. I’ve had numerous occasions where it just seemed like I was followed by bad luck and things couldn’t possible get worse.

4 I Think Your Friends Are Angry with Me for Stealing You. – Edward

I had to have a chuckle at this one since he used the word ‘think’ when he totally knew what Bella’s friends were thinking. I guess being able to read minds might have its downfalls in instances such as this. You can always wonder about what people are thinking, but it’s a completely different situation when you hear exactly how they feel.

3 He Looks at You like…like You’re Something to Eat. – Mike Newton

It was funny at just how true Mike’s statement was. Little did he know that the look was actually a combination of hunger and love.

2 It Sounded like You Were Having Bella for Lunch, and We Came to See if You Would Share. – Alice

I loved Alice’s quirky sense of humor and this was a prime example of it in action. This came after a part in the book where Edward asked Bella if he scared her and she said that he didn’t, so he was attempting to frighten her. The noise definitely caught the attention of the rest of the Cullen clan.

1 I Can Feel What You’re Feeling Now – and You Are Worth It. – Jasper

There are so many points where Bella doubted here worthiness. Jasper was able to use his talents and feel Bella’s emotions. I liked that this quote showed that others felt strongly about Bella’s importance as well and it wasn’t just Edward anymore.

These are only 5 of my favorites and there are quite a few more that I can think of. Do you have favorite quotes that you can recall? Please feel free to share one of your top favs.

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