5 Pros and Cons of Bella Having a Child with Vamipre ...


5 Pros and Cons of Bella Having a Child with Vamipre ...
5 Pros and Cons of Bella Having a Child with Vamipre ...

If you’ve read the Twilight series, then you are familiar with Bella’s love for vampires. I’ve thought of 5 pros and cons of Bella having a child with vamipre Edward. You might want to finish the last book in the series before reading this list.

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Grows Quickly

Pro: I think a plus of this aspect is that the diaper stage will be much shorter and the baby can join in on activities with the rest of the vampires sooner.

Con: On the negative side, most parents enjoy the baby stage and have a great time watching their child grow. Having a child that turns from infant to toddler in a few weeks sort of gyps them of most of the baby stage.


Admiration from Other Vampires

Pro: Since female vampires cannot have babies, then Bella’s child might cause them to be more protective and make them want to help out with raising the baby.

Con: I could see this admiration turning into jealousy as well, since there are probably some pretty bitter female vampires who wish they could have kids too.


Out of the Ordinary Powers

Pro: The baby can quickly pass on thoughts at an early age, instead of needed a large vocabulary to speak her mind. I think this would be very helpful during the beginning, since babies get frustrated when they can’t tell you what they want.
Con: It’s a bit freaky for an ordinary human being to deal with.


Semi-vampire Skin

Pro: The baby’s skin is tough enough to withstand playing rough, which is common with both vampires and werewolves. Seeing as she will be hanging out with both, tough skin will be useful.

Con: The semi-shimmery effect, as well as pale skin, greatly draws the attention of most people. This makes it harder to try and remain low-key, which seems to be something vampires strive to achieve.


Long Life

Pro: She’ll be able to live a long time with her vampire family.
Con: She will outlive many of the humans she comes in contact throughout her life. This seems like it might be very difficult to live with.

These are thought I had as I was reading the final book. Can you think of any other pros or cons that might come from human having a child with a vampire?

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