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5 Reasons I Understand Your Twilight Obsession ...

By Melanie

Are you obsessed over Twilight? If you are, then I understand where you are coming from. Below, I am going to give you 5 reasons I understand your Twilight obsession …

5 I’m a Twilight Fan

You see, when I first started to read Twilight, I found it hard to put the book down. I couldn’t wait until the next moment I got when I could read more about Edward and Bella.

4 I Have Been There before

I am recovering from my obsession, but I still know what it feels like. I know how the heart starts to beat every time Twilight pops up into view .


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3 You’re a Girl

Yes, I totally understand that obsession if you are a girl. Girls today seem to be completely over their head when it comes to Twilight. If you’re a guy, then, I’m not sure if I understand that obsession. Do you have a crush on Rosalie?

2 Bella is like You

You’re clumsy and FINALLY, they created a character that is clumsy just like you. This has caused you to be obsessed over Twilight and I understand this.

1 The Posters in Your Room

Do you have posters all in your room of Twilight? If so, then I understand that obsession. You have been sitting around in your room while you are looking at those characters. Who wouldn’t be obsessed after looking at them?

Those are 5 reasons I understand your Twilight obsession. So, are you really obsessed?

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