5 Scary Movie Animals ...


5 Scary Movie Animals ...
5 Scary Movie Animals ...

I like animal movies and especially scary animal movies. Many horror films use animals as the scary monster of the movie or base it on it in some way. I find these movies that I want to show you scary and some of the best. Here are my Scary Movie Animals…

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Jaws the movie was my first shark movie that made me not even want to touch Florida beaches. This type of shark in the movie isn’t found near the Florida beaches, but there have been sightings of them seen off the shores. Jaws has always been a scary movie for those that hate to know what is beneath them while swimming in the dark blue waters.



This Saint Bernard dog had it bad and was bitten by a bat that had rabies. This dog was pure evil and was up to no good. I watched this when I was younger and it was scary. I had to double check to see if my dogs were okay..


Lake Placid

Lake placid being a real place on this earth made a big hit for the movies. This movie was based on a 30 feet crocodile that was killing divers and swimmers. This croc wasn’t something to play with. The crocodile even took down a huge grizzly bear in matter of seconds.



I’m so glad that these fish only live in certain waters. These fish can eat the flesh off you in a few minutes and these fish have teeth. This movie is a classic and the piranhas were scary.


20,000 Leagues under the Sea

Imagine a big squid like that taking your boat down. This squid took down the sub and its people. It might be an old movie, but it was a scary animal. There are squids that get huge in the deep water.

Animals need to be fully respected and treated right. These movies are classics that made a good hit for their time. Do you think this was a good list of scary animal movies?

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#4 Cujo

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