5 Signs Bella's Love for Edward is True Love ...

Bella has a strong love for Edward. They are the next Romeo and Juliet – right? So, why was Bella’s love true love? Below, I am going to point out 5 signs Bella’s love for Edward was true love.

5. She Went Numb without Him

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When he was not around, she went numb. She started to do dangerous things just because when she did dangerous things, she could hear his voice.

4. She Lost Her Mind without Him

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When Edward left Bella in the woods, that upset me. Why would a guy do that? He knows how Bella is and how lost she gets. When he left her in the woods, he left her with no mind at all. She could have died out there – that’s because she was in love.

3. She Never Gave up on Him

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Even when he walked away, she did not give up on him. She didn’t give up on him when she was in danger. She had many chances to walk away from him, but she didn’t.

2. She Thinks about Him Constantly

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She thinks about Edward all the time. She never did anything wrong, besides kiss Jacob. She puts her whole mind into Edward and helping him out.

1. She Sacrifices Her Life for Him

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She turns into a vampire. She doesn’t care about the amount of pain she will go through, all she cares about is turning into a vampire, to lock her age with his. This way, she will never have to live without him.

Bella loved Edward and there is no denying this one. No matter what Edward did, Bella loved him. Even after Edward left her in the woods, she still loved him. Her love is for all eternity, literally. So, in your book, can you list 5 reasons why Bella’s love for Edward is true love?

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