5 Things to do to Prepare for an Alien Invasion ...

What if aliens came to this planet and wanted more than just a new life to explore? What if they wanted to take the planet over and kill all life? Well, I want to give my ideas of how to prepare for this. Please read my 5 Things To Do To Prepare For An Alien Invasion…

5. Make an Underground Shelter

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If you make a shelter, you should try to make it underground. The aliens might find you, but it is a lot easier to defend under ground. They could just fly over you and drop bombs or shoot laser beams.

4. Gather Supplies

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If this does happen, then you need supplies. This would be a tough part, because other people will be doing the same. Cities would be ravaged by criminals or even people trying to survive. You could possibility do this ahead of time, but no one knows for sure if their will be a Invasion by aliens.

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Solar power or even gas generators are going to be needed. Solar power needs to the sun to work and gather energy. You can easily set up many solar panels to get energy the clean way. Or you can make a vent underground and use gas generators. Let’s hope they don’t have a good scene of smell.

2. Bare Arms

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You need guns or something to protect your family or yourself. They are going to be trying to find you, because invasions are like war and their not pretty.

1. Learn Survival

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If you never been camping and went to live in the wild for a day, than I suggest you do so. Survival is important to learn if something like this happens. People that are not strong enough to live in the wild will end up for the worst.

The chance of an alien invasion is not too high, but how do we know. If there was some sort of alien around or life form, the people of this world wouldn’t know? If the government was to tell the people of America, there would be a big panic and could cause riots. Do you think we will have this happen one day?

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