5 Things Vampires May like ...

By Melanie

5 Things Vampires May like ...

I can think of 5 things vampires may like. Of course, some of those things may be obvious, but I still want to point them out. Below, I am going to tell you what I think they would like if they existed.

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5 A Dark Forest

Of course, a dark forest would be a great place for a vampire to reside. Especially if you are a vampire from Twilight who does not consume human blood. In a dark forest, you will have many animals to feed on.

4 Haunted House

When I go into a “pretend” haunted house, I always think of vampires. I believe vampires would love to live amongst ghosts. I think ghosts would make a great friend for a vampire.

3 Funeral Home

I believe a vampire would like a funeral home. After all, don’t they sleep in coffins? This way, they will get to sleep in whatever coffin they choose. They do not have to always sleep in the same coffin.

2 Pianos

Somehow, I think a vampire would enjoy a piano. Is it Twilight that made me think this? You know, because Edward is a good piano player. Personally, I think a lot of vampires would be good at playing music. What do you think?

1 A Blood Bank

I believe a vampire would love to have a blood bank of his/her own. This would make it much easier for them to get what they are craving, without having to go out and find a victim. This way, instead of killing someone, they would have people who were willing to donate their blood to them. Hey, if donating our blood to them would stop them from killing us, then why not?

Those are my 5 things vampires may like. What about you? What do you think vampires like the most?

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