5 Tips on Being Gothic ...

By Melanie

5 Tips on Being Gothic ...

Really, you don’t “become” gothic. You are either gothic or you are not gothic. I have always loved taking a walk on the gothic side and yes, I consider myself a goth – if I have to fit into some clique, it would be the Goths. I always have a taste for unique things. Being gothic means that you have an alternative view of the world you live in, you question authority, love to express your personality through fashion and finding individuality. Below, I am going to give you 5 tips on being gothic.

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5 Be Yourself

As I said, if you’re gothic, then you could just be yourself. Wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing.

4 Style Your Hair

If you truly are goth, then you are going to dig putting colors in your hair. Right now, I have pink in my hair and no, it’s not just because of Halloween. All year long, I have a “unique” color in my hair. That is who I am .

3 Do Not Let Others Define You

You should not let other define who you are. It is only you that can truly define the person you are. YOU are YOUR person.

2 Dark Makeup

When you are gothic, you will have a love for dark makeup - this includes black eye shadow.

1 Dress It

You may have a taste for hoodies, skinny jeans, band T-shirts and so on. Personally, I have a taste for black and red lace.

There you have 5 tips on being goth. As I said, you either are or you aren’t. This isn’t something you become. So, are you goth?

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