5 Tips on Dating a Vampire ...

By Melanie

5 Tips on Dating a Vampire ...

Vampires are mysterious creatures and I have always been into them. I believe they are interesting to say the least. I also believe they are attractive creatures. I’m jealous if you are dating a vampire right now! That’s okay though, I will still give you my 5 tips on dating a vampire …

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5 Don’t Cut Yourself

Oh yeah, when you are dating a vampire, make sure you do not cut yourself. We learned this one when Bella accidentally cut herself in twilight. If you cut yourself, you may become the main dish for the night.

4 No Sex

You know, the vampire could get carried away, so you need to resist the urge to have sex. You know, at least until you become a vampire yourself.

3 Avoid Making Them Mad

When you date a vampire, what do you think would happen if you made them mad? I do not know about you, but I do not want to find out. I heard that vampires have a pretty big temper when they get mad. So, be a good girl and keep them calm.

2 Pile on the Blankets

I have never gotten the chance to snuggle against a vampire (darn), however, I heard that they are cold. If the vampire is sleeping in your bed at night, then you need to pile on all the cover you can get.

1 Control Your Thoughts

If you are with a vampire like Edward, then he can read your thoughts. Therefore, it would be a good idea for you to control those thoughts. If you think he looks bad today, then don’t say it in your mind.

Those are 5 tips on dating a vampire. Write these down, read them over and over again, but make sure you get them right. You know, in case you ever date a vampire. So, what created this obsession with vampires?

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