5 Tips on Halloween Safety ...

Yes, Halloween is definitely in the air. I could feel the excitement a month ago. The hoot own has already started hooting at night. During this time of the year, you should not leave your brain at home. You need to follow safety rules, still. You can do this and have fun, right? Let me give you 5 tips on Halloween safety …

5. Hold Hands

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When you are out trick-or-treating, you should always hold your child’s hand. As a parent, you should already know that something could happen in a blink of an eye. There are many weird creeps out there that do unmentionable things.

4. Costume

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When you buy a costume, you should have safety in mind. The costume should not hang beneath the kids feet. This could cause a hazard.

3. Flame Resistant

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The costume you buy should be flame resistant. This is definitely one of those tips you have to follow as there are many jack-o-lanterns sitting around in yards.

2. Glow in the Dark

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When you are out trick-or-treating, you should wear something that glows in the dark. You will find many things like this in your stores. There are even necklaces you put on that blink. Also, don’t forget a flashlight so you can see.

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Yes, I know, you cannot wait to sneak into that candy. However, you first need to get in the light before you eat candy. If anything looks disturbed, then toss it.

Those are 5 tips on Halloween safety that you must follow. If you do not follow them, then you could end up sorry. List some more safety tips my readers should follow.

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