5 Tips on Reading Twilight in 1 Week ...

By Melanie

5 Tips on Reading Twilight in 1 Week ...

I believe you should read Twilight before you watch all of the movies. I will tell you that the books are better than the movies. In the books, you get more of a feel of Bella. Below, I am going to give you 5 tips on reading Twilight in 1 week …

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5 Set Aside Some Time

I know that finding time to read can be complicated. So, why not set aside some time? There’s nothing wrong with setting some time to the side for reading.

4 Read Every Night before Bed

Before bed, each night, I like to read. This is actually how I got to reading Twilight in 1 week. I believe I read the most when I was in bed.

3 Read in the Tub

I actually enjoy reading in the tub. It’s my time for peace and quiet. This is the time when no one is going to interrupt you. As long as that door is locked!

2 Read during Your Break

When you have a break at work, take the book out. Don’t be ashamed that you are reading Twilight – if someone says something funny about it, then just laugh it off and go back to reading.

1 Stay Motivated

When it comes to reading a book in 1 week, you definitely have to stay motivated and keep going back to the book. If you set the book down somewhere and forget about it, then you are not getting anywhere. Keep the book close to you.

Those are 5 tips on reading Twilight in 1 week. I know many who read the book in 1 week. Even I did it. Once I picked that book up, I could not put it down! How long did it take you?

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