5 Types of Psychic Abilities ...


5 Types of Psychic Abilities ...
5 Types of Psychic Abilities ...

There are different types of psychic abilities that an individual could have. Did you know that? If you are interested in learning about the types of psychic abilities, then continue below where I am going to give you 5 types of psychic abilities …

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This is a psychic ability that is the power of spelling. When someone holds this gift, they will be able to smell the odors and aroma that are coming from a spiritual source. This psychic ability will definitely come in handy.



Of course, we can’t leave channeling out of our list of psychic abilities. This amongst the popular abilities. When one has this gift, they have the power to act as a channel. They will lend their body so the spirit can communicate. It is a process of getting messages from spirits.



With precognition, you are going to find that it is a great gift. This is the ability to recognize the future. Can you imagine if you were able to tell what was going to happen in the future, before it even happened?



This is the psychic ability that is related to hearing. If you were to have this ability, then you would be able to hear other voices. These voices come from a different place or time. They are voices that other individuals are not able to hear.



With empathy, you will be able to feel other individuals wants and needs, without them actually saying anything in the open to you. The individual is emitting mental and physical energies and that is how we pick up empathy.

Those are 5 types of psychic abilities. Which one of these are your favorite? Why?

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There is also Clairsentients: those people can "feel" if something is good or wrong, they also communicate with those passed away with this gift. Those who are clairsentient have a solar plexus chakra that is really open.

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