5 Ways to Be a Werewolf ...

By Melanie

If you have always wanted to be a werewolf, then I am here to help you. No, I am not going to bite you – I am going to give you 5 ways to be a werewolf …

5 Get Bitten by One

If you want to be a werewolf, then you need to find a true werewolf and let them bite you.

4 Hang out with a Group

Hey, when Bella hung out with the pack of wolves, even though she had vampire germs all over her, she seemed to fit in. So, the first part to being a werewolf would be to hang out with them. This way, you can see if you really like it.

3 Howl at the Moon

Werewolves always howl at the moon. This is an instinct that they cannot refuse. When that moon is shining bright, you will be sure to find a werewolf howling at it. SO, join in with them.

2 Grow Your Hair out

If you really want to be a werewolf, then you need to get rid of all of those razors in your house – that way, you won’t even be tempted to shave ever again. Werewolves need to have hair – everywhere. On their face, their legs, their hands – everywhere. So, let that hair grow out.

1 Growl at People

Oh yes, werewolves are not very people friendly. In fact, they don’t like being around people at all – not in wolf form. So, if you are truly a werewolf, you need to give your warning by growling. Growling may not come natural to you, so you need to do some practice – remember, practice makes perfect!

Those are 5 ways to be a werewolf. Take note that people around you may think you are crazy and could institute you, so you may not want to take this joke too far. So, do you want to be a werewolf?

Top Photo Credit: palantiri

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