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5 Ways to Keep a Vampire out of Your House ...

By Melanie

I just want to say that I am not really as crazy as you think I am. I know, some of my blog posts may sound strange to the normal person, but I am just letting my imagination run wild – it’s something we can all do with our writing. Below, I am going to give you 5 ways to keep a vampire out of your house …

5 Holy Water

Holy water always seems to do the job around my home. I mean, so far, I have not had any vampires set foot in my door, that I know of and I am sure I would know if any did. So, if you want to be on the safe side, sprinkle the holy water around your house – on your pajamas, your bed, your windows and around your dresser.

4 Garlic

Oh yes, you cannot forget about garlic! Make sure it is fresh garlic though. Try hanging garlic cloves around your home. I do this along with the holy water and again, I have not witnessed any vampires around yet. Perhaps it is really the garlic that is keeping them away?

3 Don’t Invite Them in

You know, in order for a vampire to come in your home, they will need to have an invitation of some kind. It’s simple, just don’t invite the vampire in. If you just met a stranger, to be on the safe side, don’t invite them in your home – you don’t know if they are really a vampire.

2 Sunlight

Vampires don’t like the sun, do they? They either burn when they are in the sun or they sparkle. Therefore, it would make perfect since that all you need is sunlight. Perhaps you could use some artificial sunlight to keep those creatures out of your home? I think that should work.

1 Werewolf

Hey, if you want to keep a vampire out of your home, just have a werewolf! Okay, if you don’t have a werewolf as a pet and you don’t know where to get one, then you could just own a pet dog – adopt a pet dog from the local shelter!

Those are 5 ways to keep a vampire out of your house. Will you try these?

Top Photo Credit: Atelier Momoni

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