5 Ways to Make Your Room More “Twilight” like ...

Yes, you are definitely a big Twilight fan and there is no denying that. However, you think your room needs to show it a bit more. Below, I am going to give you 5 ways to make your room more Twilight like …

5. Put up Pictures

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There are many cool Twilight pictures that you can put up in your room. If you cannot find any in your department store because they are sold out or you do not like them, then just look online.

4. Get Twilight Bed Sheets

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Of course, they have Twilight bed sheets. If they have Twilight bra’s, then they have Twilight bed sheets. Getting bed sheets in the Twilight theme will definitely help make it more Twilight like.

3. Get the Dollies

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Did you know that they even have Twilight dolls? Instead of those normal Barbie dolls you may have hiding in your corner, throw them out and get some Twilight dolls. If you are no longer the age to play with dolls, that is okay, you can still get them to add to your decoration.

2. A Twilight Nightlight

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Even if you do not need a nightlight to sleep, you could still get a Twilight nightlight. You know, to make your room look more Twilight like.

1. Twilight Curtains

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When you walk into the room, besides the bed, the one thing you notice the most is the curtains. At least, that is what I notice. If you were to get curtains in the Twilight theme, then this would definitely help to make your room look more Twilight like.

You could also get a life size stand of Edward, Jacob, Bella or any of the others. I think this would be cool. These are my 5 ways to make your room more “Twilight” like. Can you think of any other reasons?

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