5 Ways to Stay Safe from the Sun – for a Vampire ...

If you are a vampire, then you need to keep yourself safe from the sun or life as you know it will end. Unfortunately, not all vampires are like Edward. Not all of them sparkle in a beautiful manner when they take a walk out into the sun. There are some vampires that will burn up. With that, I need to give you 5 ways to stay safe from the sun – for a Vampire …

5. Wear a Trench Coat

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If you are a vampire and you absolutely have to go out into the sun, it is important to make sure you wear something that is going to cover your skin up – completely. With that thought in mind, I believe a trench coat would be the best coat.

4. Wear a Hat

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You can’t forget about the hat. If you do not want to burn up, then you have to wear that hat.

3. Wear Sun Block

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Hey, perhaps you could wear sun block to help you out with that sun problem. It’s only a suggestion.

2. Don’t Forget the Sunglasses

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Whenever you see a vampire outside, they have those sunglasses on. They don’t have on just any type of sunglasses – they have on very dark sunglasses.

1. Only Go out at Night

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When all else fails, you could only choose to go out at night. Sleep during the day and stay awake during the night. If you absolutely have to go out during the day, then use my other tips I provided you above.

Those are 5 ways to stay safe from the sun – for a vampire. I hope you liked these tips and I do hope they help you out. So, do you plan on taking these tips and using them? Make sure you pass them along to all of your other friends.

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