5 Weird Horror Movies to Watch ...


5 Weird Horror Movies to Watch ...
5 Weird Horror Movies to Watch ...

Horror movies have been around for a while and some movies have a weird approach to being a horror movie. I want to give you a list of horror movies that I’ve watched base on weird plots. Here are my 5 Weird Horror Movies to Watch…

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This movie was a funny horror movie with some scary parts in-between. The story had a weird plot to it, but like any other alien invasion movie the alien wanted to take over. One part of the movie shows the women growing into a big huge ball until she tears in half spewing the baby aliens everywhere to take more hosts to breed more.


The blend of comedy and terror in Slither creates a rather unique experience; it's not your typical blood-curdling fare. Instead, it juxtaposes the grotesque and the absurd in a way that makes you unsure whether to scream or chuckle. The film weaves its story with offbeat humor and disturbing imagery, making it a standout in the horror-comedy genre. It's perfect for those nights when you want a dash of gruesome with your giggles. Just be warned, it's a bit of a wild ride with more than a few moments that'll stick with you – and possibly make you squirm.


Silent Hill

I watched this, because I played most of the silent hill games. The movie brings the story to life with a movie about an adopted kid that had a past no one knew about. However, some people did know about it, but covered it up for their selfish reasons. Silent hill burned to the ground, because the coal mines. The kid frighten by the nightmares about silent hill was reminded with nightmares and sleep walking. In the beginning they chase the kid at night, because she has a bad dream that wants to pull her back to silent hill. The story has a interesting plot, but you better pay attention, because you will be wondering about the story at the end.


The Wicker Man

My mom gave this movie to me, because she thought it was more for me and it was a good story. This story was twisted from the beginning. In the movie this man that thought his child he didn’t know about until recent, went missing on an island that has been isolated from the world. This island was full of women that used men as slaves. Spoiler alert: The man tries to save the child, but finds out it was a trap from the beginning and it was to have a good harvest that year. He is sacrificed in the huge wicker man.


Love Object

Do you want to see what happens to people when they have been messed with or teased? Well, this movie has a weird twist that will make you laugh, but wonder if there are people out their like him. The guy is a man that has no life practically or a quiet life. He buys a blow up doll and falls in love with it. He goes crazy and thinks the blow up doll talks to him. I won’t give no spoilers to this one, because you need to see it for yourself.



This movie had me by surprise. It was good and funny. It even had Bill Murry in it! The movie was weird and had its twist, but predictable twist. I like the list of things to follow. Make sure you made sure the zombie is deader than dead.

I hope you enjoyed the weird list of horror movies I decided to share with you. Do you think that this movies were a bit weird too?

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