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Should Bella Choose Edward or Jacob?

By Melanie

Warning: There may be some spoiler alerts in here.
Okay, so, should Bella have chosen Edward or Jacob? We all have our beliefs and thoughts of what and who Bella should have chosen. Should she have chosen to even become a vampire in the first place? This blog is going to be all based on opinion. MY opinion of who Bella should have chosen.

In my own opinion, I believe that Bella did the right thing with who she chose. I don’t think she chose Edward though, I think it was her heart that chose her. Her heart longed for him so much that she had no choice but to choose him. She also seemed to of wanted to stay young forever. Hey, don’t you love the thought of remaining young forever? Don’t you love the thought of not having to worry about dying much? However, I think the real reason she chose Edward was because she loved him. When you love someone, you would do anything for them, even if that “anything” meant transforming yourself into a vampire. Would I transfer myself into a vampire for the one I loved? Sure, I would.

Why do I think she should of not chosen Jacob? For one, he “imprinted” on her child that she later has, so choosing him would not of been a good idea. She would of only been setting herself up for heartache, because really, Jacob was not going to imprint on her. If he didn’t imprint on her child (she wouldn’t of been born if she didn’t choose Jacob), then he would have ended up imprinting on some other girl – again, it would not of been Bella.

I believe she led Jacob on and that, in my book, is wrong. However, it all went pretty good with the story and we all liked watching Jacob and Edward making smart comments to each other in Eclipse. So, who do you think she should have chosen? Again, I think she did the right thing.

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