Top 5 Twilight Blogs You Have to See ...


Top 5 Twilight Blogs You Have to See ...
Top 5 Twilight Blogs You Have to See ...

Keeping up to date with the Twilight series is a full time job, especially for bloggers. The top 5 Twilight blogs you have to see are listed below. I’m sure you’ve come across at least one or two of them. Take a look at the ones you aren’t familiar with and enjoy!

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When you want to know what is coming up in the world of Twilight, sometimes it’s best to simply cut out the middle man. Stephenie Meyer often adds to this site herself. She discusses up coming written works, movies due to come out that are based on her books, and there are even displays of the early versions of covers she had for some of the books in the Twilight series.


This blog site doesn’t just focus on one specific movie or book, but all of them, even Midnight Sun. There is a forum, photo gallery, E-cards, staff information, quizzes, and a chat room. Every Monday there is an entry for a video for music that was heard in one of the movies. Links to popular interviews and other news about the Twilight series are also available.


If you have an interest in one of the many characters from the Twilight movies, then this is the place to find out more about them. Each character in the movie has a link attached to the stage name. After selecting a link, you are directed to a page that tells the actor’s real name, the special ability present, a little about the character, a brief biography about the actor, and a quote.


Claiming to be one of the largest Twilight blog sites around, this site has plenty to keep any fan of the Twilight series busy for days. News updates with juicy gossip are intermingled with movie clips, character information, famous quotes, games, products, forums, and wallpaper for your computer.


Talk about full of exciting tidbits! This blog site has the basic blog set up with great interviews, clips, and up to date blurbs. There are also contests, quotes, a shopping guide, quizzes, a forum, polls, pictures, graphics, and much more. The navigational attributes of this site are superb.

I hope at least one of these blog sites was completely new to you. I enjoy finding tidbits about Twilight actors, watching news clips, and learning new random facts. What blog site do you use to get your Twilight up dates from? How long have you followed it?

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