Which Twilight Book Was My Favorite and Why ...


Which Twilight Book Was My Favorite and Why ...
Which Twilight Book Was My Favorite and Why ...

I think the Twilight saga was one of the most amazing series of books Iโ€™d read in quite some time. It might be due to the fact that it is written from a female prospective. It could also be because it is a love story that has so many unimaginable obstacles that have to be overcome. For whatever the reason may be, I do know which Twilight book was my favorite and why I liked it so much.

While each new book kept my interest as much as the last, Iโ€™d have to say that the second book was my favorite. Even though the Twilight brought a whole new idea into light, New Moon brought in a whole new element; werewolves. I thought it was fantastic reading about why they suddenly appeared after many years of non-existence.

I could also identify with Bellaโ€™s sense of loss she had for Edward. I think connecting with her character in the first book made me feel closer to her and I really felt strongly about what she was going through in Edwardโ€™s absence. Iโ€™m sure anyone who has lost someone they loved knows how much damage the pain can do.

It was endearing how Jacob took care of Bella and made her feel at ease during the majority of the book. He helped her block out a lot of the pain she was feeling and made brought her out of her slump sheโ€™d been in for so many months. I also enjoyed the way she could visualize Edward every time she made a decision to do something rash and dangerous.

This is one book I could read multiple times and not get bored with. It is most likely going to be my favorite for quite some time, since it is a hard novel to top.

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