5 Cool Quotes from Twilight ...


5 Cool Quotes from Twilight ...
5 Cool Quotes from Twilight ...

Some quotes made me laugh, a few made me sad, and many were well worth remembering. There are 5 cool quotes from Twilight that I recall more than any other. I’ve listed each one below and provided a reminder of which book it was in, who the character was, and when it was said.

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Abstaining from Human Blood Makes Us More Civilized – Lets Us Form True Bonds of Love

Eleazar said this in chapter 31 of Breaking Dawn. Even though he was stating what most readers had already known, it was interesting to have a vampire say it outright. I thought it was a great addition to the book.


Until Your Heart Stops Beating, Bella. I’ll Be Here – Fighting. Don’t Forget That You Have Options

Jacob made this statement in chapter 15 of Eclipse. He had spent so much time with Bella during Edward’s absence and was professing his love and friendship for Bella. Most guys don’t voice their feelings as eloquently as that, in real life.


I’ve Never Been Sorry That I Saved Edward

Carlisle told Bella this as he was stitching up her arm after the incident with Jasper in chapter 2 of New Moon. I thought it was neat the way he felt so strongly about Edward being a part of his family and that he didn’t feel he made a mistake by transforming another person into a vampire.


If I Could Dream at All, It Would Be about You. and I’m Not Ashamed of It

Edward told Bella this in chapter 14 of Twilight, during one of their minor heart to heart talks. I thought it was very touching and showed that Edward wasn’t a cold, heartless vampire, like most books make them out to be. It definitely made him seem much more human.


My Mother is Part Albino

Bella said this in the first chapter of Twilight when confronted with her pale color. Everyone expected her to be tanned since she had moved to Forks from Arizona. I thought this was a great comeback and I’m sure it was much unexpected as well.

As you know, there are plenty of memorable quotes in this series. Having four books jam-packed with them makes it that much harder to decide which ones to mention. Are there specific quotes that you think should have made my ‘cool’ list? Why do you like them so much?

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