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5 Cool Songs on YouTube Showing Twilight ...

By Melanie

There are excellent songs in the Twilight movies, but there are also tons of great ones that people have attached to scenes from the movies. 5 cool songs on YouTube showing Twilight scenes and some also of New Moon are listed below. I hope you enjoy hearing them as much as I enjoyed searching for them.

5 Twilight Song Mix

I know this isn’t just a single song, but a montage instead. However, it is filled with excellent scenes and made me smile! Some of the scenes match up perfectly with the song piece and this is just an all-around fun video.

4 Hurt

I don’t often enjoy sad songs, but I did like this one. It might be because I had scenes from the Twilight movies to watch as I listened to it.


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3 Breathe Me

I really like the combination of footage from both of the first movies, instead of only Twilight. It seems like a very fitting song and ties into the footage very nicely.

2 Supermassive Black Hole

I’d never heard this song before and really liked it, especially with the Twilight scenes combined with it. Even though I’ve seen the movies and have watched quite a few of the Twilight trailers, for some reason, it’s still interesting to watch the same scenes with different music attached to them.

1 Endlessly

This song seems to fit with most of the Twilight scenes between Edward and Bella. It’s a sweet song, but not one of those super sappy love songs that make me cringe. I thought this was a perfect song for Twilight.

So many songs were available to choose from. I’m sure you’ve come across some memorable ones that you’ve bookmarked on your computer. I know I definitely bookmarked quite a few! What are some of your favorite songs that have been combined with Twilight footage? Is the song one of your particular favorites or do you like it just because it’s attached to scenes from Twilight?

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