5 Dragon Video Games to Buy ...

By Melanie

5 Dragon Video Games to Buy ...

Dragons are one of my favorite mythical creatures to talk about. If you like dragons as much as I do, you can buy these video games I mention in this blog. Let me give you my 5 Dragon Games To Buy.

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You will find this game is one the Ps2 as a hack and slash role playing game. You get to use your dragon in battle. The story is all about dragons and the story is intense. You won’t get bored with this hack slash game.


The Legend of Spyro

Now this game is my favorite dragon game! Spryo the purple dragon has been sent to help the other dragons. His job is to save the enslaved dragons that have been imprisoned. The little purple dragon reminds me of my dog when he runs through the house. He also does the Spryo when he bumps into walls. Quite funny I say.


Dragon Age

Another good dragon game is dragon age. I wouldn’t suggest playing this game around your kids. The game has sexual scenes and many enemies that have no tops on. However, the game is still good and has a dragon theme too it.


Dragon Ball Z

Dragon ball z is based on a fighting style game. You need to help Gohan or Goku, to find the last remaining dragon balls to grant the master thy wish of whatever you want. The game is a classic fighting game that resembles a Japan or china fighting game.


Dragon Warrior

Dragon warrior was a old NES game. This RPG was the first dragon game my husband played when he was a kid. He say’s you have to save the kingdom from an evil dragon lord. This dragon in the game will kick your butt and make you want to keep leveling up for a long time to finish the game.

These games all involve some sort of dragon theme and these are my top video games that have dragons in them. Do you have any dragon games, you want to add?

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