5 Evil Monsters to Avoid ...

By Melanie

5 Evil Monsters to Avoid ...

One thing I like about my paranormal blogs is the fact I get to write about my favorite subjects and monsters are one of them. I want to blog about the most evil monsters to avoid. Here is my 5 Evil Monsters To Avoid…

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5 Zombies

Who wants to be eaten alive? Not me, I would rather be dead before someone eats my flesh. Another reason to avoid them is the stink of rotten flesh. These monsters are out to do one thing and that’s kill and eat flesh. You can try to reason with them, but they are already dead and don’t give a rats butt.

4 Evil Clowns

Don’t get me started with clowns. Who thinks their funny anyway? They do scare me and what they do also scares me. If you watched “it” then you know clowns are scary. No wonder kids are scared of clowns, they look creepy and can be murders hiding under the makeup.

3 Daemons

Daemons are indeed a monster to stay away from. These monsters want to eat you or steal your soul. They are Lucifer’s pets out to do his deeds. So they say. Anyways I would avoid these if you want to avoid the underworld.

2 Ghouls

Ghouls are known as evil ghost that walk the earth and takes over the livings minds. They can possess you and make you do the most evil things. These monsters are indeed on my top list to avoid.

1 Werewolves

I’m out right scared of these hairy beasts. I like dogs, but Werewolf’s are scary to me. They have huge claws and big legs that could stomp your butt to the ground. They also have big teeth that can tear you up. These monsters have been claimed to be sighted, but no one knows if they really truly live on this planet. People might have claimed they seen them, but no proof has been seen yet.

Monsters haunt our dreams as we grow and will always be a memory that will stay with us forever. The under the bed monster or closest monster scared me when I was younger. Do you think you should avoid these monsters as well?

Top Photo Credit: Ben Ramsey

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Another one is "The thing upstairs" from the 80/90's tv show "The Trap Door." Scared me sensless as a kid and has spawned a generation of teen/adults who STILL check under their beds!

Werewolves are good beings!

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