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5 Things Not to do when You Meet Edward ...

By Melanie

Edward … yes, he is on a lot of girls minds these days and every girl out there wants a piece of him. I really do no think there is enough of this guy to go around. I know what you should do when you meet him and I know what you should not do. Right now, I am going to give you 5 things not to do when you meet Edward …

5 Don’t Run and Hug Him

First thing is first, girl, you have got to hold back from running up and giving him a big old hug. You have to remember that he does not know you and surely, you don’t like it when strangers (of the humankind) run up and give you a hug out of nowhere.

4 Don’t Have a Hissy

Don’t sit there and jump up and down. Don’t scream. Surely, Edward (the vampire) would not like it if you were to sit there jumping up and down screaming. He would think something is wrong with you … until he read your thoughts.

3 Don’t Ask Him out

Refrain from asking him out. Remember, you should never take another girls man – he belongs to Bella and no one else. I’m sorry, but I had to break that to you.

2 Don’t Follow Him

Come on, don’t follow him – you may end up getting lost in the woods or end up witnessing something you do not want to see. I heard Edward is a real beast when he is out chasing his food.

1 Don’t Be Mean to Bella

When you see Edward, I know, that jealousy will be raging because Bella has him and you do not, but you should not be mean to Bella. Don’t ignore her and be rude.

Was I kidding about this post? I could be – but hey, these tips may come in handy if you ever run into Edward. So, do you wish you ran into Edward?

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