5 Ways to Annoy Edward ...

By Melanie

5 Ways to Annoy Edward ...

From time to time, you are going to find me writing funny posts. These posts are meant to be funny, they don’t really have a serious side to them. Take this one, for example, 5 ways to annoy Edward. I am writing this to make you laugh …

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Volunteer Him for a Blood Drive

This one sounds funny, don’t you think? Well, these 5 ways to annoy Edward are supposed to have a funny ring to them. Definitely, volunteering Edward for a blood drive would annoy him.


Hey, You’re That Guy from Harry Potter

Do you know how many times Rob probably heard this? I think it would definitely be annoying. Walking up and telling someone something they have heard a zillion times already is definitely a great way to annoy someone.


Support Jacob

Let Edward know that you support Jacob. Tell Edward you want to elect Jacob as president, because you like him so much. Yes, supporting Jacob would annoy me too. Just kidding.


Crush His Volvo

Crushing Edward’s Volvo just for the heck of it would probably do it. Better yet, try running it over with Bella’s truck. What do you think would happen then?


Tell Him the Leading Cause of Divorce is Marrying Too Young

I got married at a young age and both of my parents supported it. Yet, I heard a lot of elderly talk of how it was the leading cause of divorce. To this day, I am still proving them wrong. However, it is still something that is VERY annoying. Edward, in this case, isn’t young – but Bella is.

Those are 5 ways to annoy Edward. So, do you plan on doing them? I didn’t think so.

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