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5 Moves Not to Make around Vampires

By Melanie

Take note that I do not have a mental problem. I am not saying that vampires exist and I am not claiming to be a vampire. This post on 5 moves not to make around vampires is more of a joke than a serious blog. It is something that you can have fun with. So, let’s get going!

5 Don’t Move to Quickly

When you are around vampires and they are in vampire form, you should not move to quickly. Sudden moves around these mysterious creatures are a definite no.

shane do vamps really have a human and vampire form...

4 Don’t Act like Them

It would be wrong to act like you were one of them. A vampire will be able to sense if you were one of them or not. If you were to try to act like one of them, they would catch on, so this would be a definitely move not to make around vampires.

3 Showing Your Neck

Do you really think it would be a good idea to show your neck around a vampire? What do you think this would bring? It would probably not be a good thing, so take it from me, this is not something you should do around a vampire.

2 Being Rude

Your rudeness will feed the flames of a vampire. Being rude to a vampire would be a big no. It will make them snap into vampire form in no time.

1 Cutting Yourself

Oh no, we learned this one in Twilight when Bella accidentally cut herself in the Cullen’s house. When you are around a vampire, make sure you stay away from sharp things as you would not want to accidentally slice yourself and draw blood.

Those are 5 moves not to make around vampires. If you plan on being around vampires, then you should write these down. So, have you saw any vampires lately?

Top Photo Credit: George Goodnight

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