5 Good Magic Users to Be ...

By Melanie

5 Good Magic Users to Be ...

Most magic that you may have heard of through stories and fiction books, can do more harm than good. It all depends on the magic user. There are good magic users and there are bad. I would like to give you my 5 Good Magic Users To Be…

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5 Druid

A druid is a spirit healer that loves nature and uses nature spells or elements to heal. They often study the way the earth lives and tries to keep the lands free from harm. They are often called spiritual healers.

4 Priest

A priest is known as a holy saint that follows the code of god. These priests were well known in the past for healing demons and doing exorcism on processed people. They have their own way of casting magic, but only with words.

3 Paladin

Paladins are known for following the path of the light and often known to heal people in several video games. They are like a knight of the old code, but mostly doing the work of the holy light to save the people.

2 Cleric

A cleric is often known as a soldier of the holy light. They are a lot like a Paladin, but cast spells with words from books. Magic has many forms and clerics use it with words from a book.

1 Witch

A witch can be good or bad all depending on the person. They can cast spells with words from books and ingredients from potions. They can change form and often trick appearances. Story books show them as bad magic users, but they can do well and often help people through some hard times.

Magic would be neat if it was around, but I think more harm would come to everyone if they had it around. The world people have their ways to turning something that is real good into something bad. Do you want to be any of these magic users?

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