5 Paranormal Definitions Defined ...

By Melanie

5 Paranormal Definitions Defined ...

From time to time, I create blogs explaining definitions that I think normal people would not know. Today, I have decided to give you 5 paranormal definitions defined. Of course, if you are a beginner in the paranormal world, these definitions are something you must have. So, feel free to write them down from my blog.

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5 Anomaly

Yes, I know of a song called anomaly, so what does this word means? Anomaly is used to describe an unusual or irregular event that does not fit in with the standard law. It is something that is not able to be explained with the scientific theories. Anything odd, strange, difficult or abnormal would be listed as an anomaly.

4 Automatic Writing

Oh yes, automatic writing. This is what individuals call freely channeling the higher self or another soul’s music, words or art.

3 Demonology

This sounds demonic, doesn’t it? Well, demonology may be something that interests you. A demonologist is an individual that practices and studies the art of demonology. This individual will specialize in removing the evil forces from an environment.

2 Divination

Divination is the name given when one gains unknown knowledge of future events from the omens. As an example, you could call astrology a divination because that is what it is.

1 Doppelganger

This word sounds funny and I know you want to say it out loud, so go ahead and say it! A Doppelganger is a spirit of a person that is living outside of their physical body.

There you have 5 paranormal definitions defined. I know, I went from A and then to D and there is nothing after D. I plan on making plenty more of these type of blogs, so continue watching for them as I will give you more definitions to add to that sheet of paper.

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