5 Horrible Horror Movies to Miss ...

By Melanie

5 Horrible Horror Movies to Miss ...

I’ve seen many horror movies through my child hood and adult hood that some horror movies will leave you wishing you never spent time watching it. I lost tons of time to horrible horror movies and would like to give you 5 Horrible Horror Movies To Miss…

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5 Animals

This movie was straight bad from the start. They took a good idea and ruined the movie. It was always focused where it shouldn’t have been, like the sex scenes. This movie is all thumbs down by me.

4 Frankenhooker

I should have listen to the title of the movie, but I like movies like Frankenstein. This movie wasn’t a good movie at all. Bad acting and it’s a rated B movie. No fun for me.

3 Autumn

Lately many zombie movies or plague movies have been lacking good stories and taste. The actors in these movies have no talent and made the movie bland. Another horror zombie flick that went wrong and it isn’t the last of the group. Too many zombie movies base the story on the same reason. There are some that surprise me and make a good movie out of the plot.

2 Triangle

All I can say is that I was confused throughout the movie. It also left off. The acting wasn’t bad, but the enemy was her self? And they kept repeating the same moment of life.

1 Daybreakers

This movie had a good plot, but it went wrong. The acting was bad, but the story was to a good start and plot. I wouldn’t even try to watch this, unless you like bad acting.

Horror movies are my favourite genre. I like watching these movies any time of the day. These are a small list of movies that I just watched within the year for you to avoid. Do you have a different opinion on these movies?

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