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5 Reasons Girls Obsess over Twilight ...

By Melanie

I really like twilight, but I am not sure if you would say I am obsessed with it. Okay, okay, I can’t get enough of it! So, why are girls obsessed over it? I am going to give you 5 reasons girls obsess over Twilight.

5 It’s a Good Story

You have to admit, Twilight is a good story. Most girls know a good story when they see one and get obsessed when it’s a good story.

4 Their Friends Are into It

Trust me, if you are a girl, then you are going to have friends that are into Twilight. A good reason to get into Twilight is because their friends are into it. It will definitely give you something to talk about.

3 The Romance

Twilight is a good romance story, whether you choose to admit it or not. Therefore, of course, girls are going to be obsessed over it. They are always ready for a good romance story.

2 The Vampires

Have you noticed something? It seems girls are more attracted to guys when they are vampires. They have a desire to be with a vampire. Therefore, this is a big reason why they obsess over Twilight.

1 The Boys

Yes, I believe one of the number one reasons as to why girls obsess over Twilight is the boys in it. You see, the boys in it are like something you will not find in the real world. They are nice, loving, caring and have the best traits out there. Not to mention the fact that they turn into vampires.

What do you think about the 5 reasons why girls obsess over Twilight? If you are a girl, do you obsess over Twilight or are you against it? What is your reasons?

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