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5 Reasons People Are Afraid of Werewolves ...

By Melanie

Werewolves are humans that have the ability to shape shift into a creature that resembles very much to a wolf, the event of morphing usually happens in a night with full moon and is born by the action of a curse or byte from another werewolf. It is said that the curse can never be stopped, people are very afraid of such animal, here’s why…

5 They Have Super Strength

Having ultra senses and physical power beyond any human or wolf their paws can cause much damage to anybody that encounters them. Anyhow it is hard to find one because they hide so well, most likely you will encounter a werewolf only if they want to appear to you.

4 False Media Propaganda

The Hollywood movies are full of werewolf like creatures that attack humans and this is the reason why many people have unjustified fear for these animals. In reality they have a treaty with humans, however not all are respecting that and there may be cases of attack. But they have a good reason for doing it.

3 Humans Are Afraid of Becoming One Themselves

This fear is understandable, nobody would like to morph into a wolf and have animal instincts that cannot be controlled. And also in general people are afraid of what they can understand, of the unknown.

2 Sitings and Murders

In the Middle Ages for example there were many unresolved murder cases that have been attributed to werewolves and in the history and even present days many have reported about seeing creatures like that.

1 They Are Immune to Ordinary Weapons

Like vampires they don’t take damage from normal weapons , but if the blade or the gun is equipped with silver it is another story. It is known that silver can even burn pieces of flash from the creature’s body.

Werewolves are in fact victims, they are the result of the practice of witchcraft and sorcery. They are in fact suffering because of their new nature. The mystery around them continues, will we ever know their real story?

Top Photo Credit: Moon over Belgium

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