5 Reasons Someone May Not like Twilight ...

By Melanie

5 Reasons Someone May Not like Twilight ...

Even though I liked the Twilight series, I guess I can’t assume everyone else does. Right? So I tried to think of at least 5 reasons someone may not like Twilight. They were difficult to come up with, but I tried to see it from someone else’s perspective.

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5 Never Tried Reading It

There will always be people that say they don’t like something, even though they’ve never tried it. I have a couple of friends who said they didn’t like Twilight, in the beginning. I convinced them to read at least a couple of chapters and they were hooked!

4 Thinks It’s Only for Teenage Girls

This is true for adults, both guys and gals. Sometimes a series that becomes popular to a specific age group is completely overlooked by other age groups. I could definitely see how this would happen with this story line. The girls at school were all passing Twilight around to each other and a couple of boys got a hold of it. Once they realized it had action in it, they couldn’t help but finish the series.

3 Doesn’t like Love Stories

Some people just can’t stand love stories, even if they aren’t mushy ones. Reading the back of the book and finding out it is about a human who falls in love with a vampire tends to turn some people away. They don’t even give the book a chance. The talk of ‘love’ causes them to put the book right back on the shelf.

2 Dislikes Vampires

Of course, there is actually a crowd of people who think the idea of vampires is ridiculous. They lump all ‘vampire stories’ into one bunch and don’t give any of them a chance. There are always books that talk about the same subject, but from a different perspective and with little twists here and there. This is one of those books that give all the others a run for their money.

1 No Imagination

It’s as simple as that. People who only want books that are based on fact upon fact can’t imagine a world filled with vampires and werewolves living among humans. Personally, I like to imagine what it would be like and find it exciting.

It’s hard to imagine someone not liking Twilight, even just a little bit. The characters are so likeable and the story line isn’t cheesy, like some vampire stories I’ve read in the past. Do you have a reason for not liking Twilight? Has someone told you a reason that he/she doesn’t like the series? Please share!

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