5 Reasons You Should Read Breaking Dawn ...


5 Reasons You Should Read Breaking Dawn ...
5 Reasons You Should Read Breaking Dawn ...

After reading the rest of the series, I figured I might as well finish with the final book. If you are debating on whether to finish the entire Twilight Saga or not, here are 5 reasons you should read Breaking Dawn. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all.

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Bella’s Parents’ Reaction

Aren’t you the least bit curious about how Bella’s parents will react to her engagement to Edward and the future they plan on having together? I was completely looking forward to finding out how they feel about Edward and if they came to the wedding or not.


The Wedding

I wanted to see if it actually was going to take place. I tried to prepare myself for anything. I didn’t know if the wedding was going to be a huge celebration, a fiasco, or if it was going to be cancelled for some reason. I won’t spoil this part of the book for you. You’ll just have to read it and find out what happens!


The Honeymoon

I wasn’t sure if they would have a honeymoon, but I was hoping they did. I mean, Edward wanted Bella to have tons of human experiences because he didn’t want her to miss out on anything, so I was sure he wouldn’t deprive her of a fantastic honeymoon. I totally didn’t expect them to end up where they did.


Jacob’s Role

Jacob had to have some sort of big role in this story, since he had been a main character throughout all the other books. I definitely wasn’t prepared for the role he took on in Breaking Dawn. Fantastic! You’ll just have to read the book to understand what I mean. It is amazing and made me so happy.


The Future

Curiosity always gets the better of me and this book made me more curios than ever. I just had to find out what chains of events were going to take place. There were too many unanswered questions for me after reading the first three books.

Once you get to the end of Breaking Dawn, you’ll be so glad you actually took the time to read it. Have you already finished reading this book? Did you enjoy it?

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