5 Reasons I do Not Want Twilight to End ...


I thought the Twilight series was one of the best I’ve read in a very long time. I would love for it to keep going and not stop after four books. 5 reasons I do not want Twilight to end are mentioned below. See if you have some of the same reasons. I’d love to hear from you!

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There Simply Has to Be More

The Cullen family can’t continue to move from place to place and go to high school forever. How dull. I imagine there could be numerous books dedicated to each pair and how they make a special place for themselves.


Someone Has to Overthrow the Volturi

I think if the series extended, there could be a revolt against this group and more reasonable leaders could take the position of the current Volturi vampires. There could be a section or even a book where the Volturi come back to fight the Cullens and the Cullen family ends up becoming the new Volturi group. It could happen. You never know.


I Want to Know How Renee and Charlie Deal with the Situation Later

I’m fairly certain that there will come a time when Renee and Charlie are old and gray and wondering why Bella and Edward still look like teenagers. Would they flip out? Will they be happy for their daughter who has found true love and is able to be with him forever? I’m curious!


I Adore Bella and Edward

You couldn’t ask for a more perfect tale about a human and vampire. Everything seemed to work out in the end and there was definitely a happily ever after ending. However, I would like to see more about this lovely couple and know that they have hundreds of years of excitement together.


I Want to See What Happens with Renesmee and Jacob

Aren’t you the least bit curious about where these two will end up? I want to know if they have kids and if Renesmee and Jacob stay close to the same age. I’m also curious to see if they live near the vampire clan or if they stick closer to the reservation. There’s so many ways this part of the storyline could go.

I don’t think the idea of vampires and werewolves will ever get old. Look at how long stores about these two beings have been around. Do you wish the series would continue or are you content with only four books being written? What reason do you have for wanting this story to keep going?

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