5 Reasons Why Girls Love Twilight


Oh, Twilight – it’s the newest thing. So many girls love it and so many guys are left empty handed while their girlfriend has went to the viewing of Twilight, sitting on the couch watching Twilight or reading Twilight. The guys are always hearing about Twilight. When you go into the store, what do you see? You see Twilight accessories. You go online and find a Twilight blog, just like the blog I have here. Obviously, the media knows exactly what they’re doing and throwing Twilight stuff out there is going to make a lot of money – they know this for a fact. Okay, so what is up with all of this Twilight stuff? I am a girl, so obviously, I will come from a girls perspective. I am going to give you 5 reasons why girls love Twilight.

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The Guys

Yes, they love the guys. They either pick team Edward or Team Jacob. Personally, I pick team Edward and it has nothing to do with looks, abs or whatever. I just like vampires.


The Way the Guys Act

Girls love how the guys act on Twilight. Where exactly can you find a guy that acts like Edward? He is so old fashioned. Some girls, especially readers love this side of him. He can hold back easily, if you know what I mean.


Edward Cullen, the male protagonist in Twilight, is the epitome of a perfect gentleman. He is portrayed as a romantic, chivalrous, and loyal vampire who loves deeply and unconditionally. He is also portrayed as a strong protector, willing to put his life on the line to protect those he loves. His old-fashioned manners and values are a refreshing contrast to the typical modern-day man, which makes him even more attractive to many women.

Edward is a gentleman in every sense of the word. He is always polite, courteous, and respectful to women. He is also very attentive and listens carefully to what they have to say. He is also very protective of Bella, the female protagonist, and is willing to do anything to keep her safe.

Edward is also a romantic. He expresses his love for Bella through his actions and words. He showers her with gifts, takes her out on romantic dates, and writes her beautiful love letters. He is also very passionate and often expresses his love through passionate kisses and embraces.

In addition to his romantic side, Edward is also very intelligent. He is well-read and knowledgeable on a variety of topics. He is also a talented musician and often plays the piano for Bella.


Guys Turn into Werewolves

Hey, we have the old traditional werewolf stores, but this one gets deeper. These werewolves do not turn into werewolves and kill people and they have a good since of humor. Girls love that.


The Fast Cars

The Cullen’s seem to have a great taste for cars! Personally, I love these cars and that captures a lot of my attention.


It’s a Love Story

Come on, girls like love stories. They really love this stuff. You have Bella, who, for awhile, is torn between two guys and two guys who tell her to choose. Yes, it’s definitely a love story.

There you have 5 reasons why girls love Twilight. What about you – why do you like Twilight so mu

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I pick Team your a DUMBA$$! You have absolutely no morals an you sound jaded. With the childish mentality you have of course you would love Twilight. Harry Potter Has big words, A wonderful story line thats not just about hot bodies. GOD who are your prents, I mean Is the world seriously coming to this. I sure hope you grow up soon Melanie, This Book and movie is a very very poor story for girls to watch or read. I feel sorry for you.

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