5 Reasons to Love Your Werewolf Boyfriend ...


5 Reasons to Love Your Werewolf Boyfriend ...
5 Reasons to Love Your Werewolf Boyfriend ...

I may have spoilers in here, so if you have not read Breaking Dawn beware! Of course, Bella had her chance to get a werewolf boyfriend, but she blew it. Yet, I do not blame her for doing it. Since I am a big fan of vampires and am on Edward’s side, I believe she picked a good guy. Besides, it’s Reneesme who will now have the werewolf boyfriend – you know, when she is older, because he imprinted on her at a young age.

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He Imprinted

Obviously, if you have a werewolf boyfriend, he imprinted on you. I am speaking from a Twilight point of view here. When I read that Jacob imprinted on Reneesme, I was definitely impressed. I can’t remember if I saw this one coming or not. I think I had to read the page over a couple of times before it sunk in fully.


In the Twilight series, imprinting is a supernatural phenomenon where a werewolf finds their soulmate and becomes deeply connected to them. This concept adds another layer to the already complex love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob. Imprinting is also seen as a way for werewolves to find their true purpose and bring balance to their pack. In the books, it is revealed that Jacob has imprinted on Bella and Edward's daughter, Renesmee, causing tension and confusion among the characters. This unique aspect of werewolf relationships adds an interesting dynamic to the story and showcases the depth of love and loyalty within the supernatural world.


You Can Pet Him

Of course, you can pet a human boyfriend, but I am not sure if he is going to enjoy that or not. He may stare at you in a strange sort of way. Now, with a werewolf boyfriend, when you go to pet them (on their head), they are not going to be confused at all.


In the world of Twilight, werewolf boyfriends are a hot commodity. Not only are they fiercely loyal and protective, but they also have some unique qualities that make them stand out from regular human boyfriends. One of these qualities is their love for physical affection. Unlike human boyfriends who may not always appreciate being petted, werewolf boyfriends actually enjoy it. This is because physical touch is an important aspect of their pack dynamics and they see it as a form of bonding. So go ahead and show your werewolf boyfriend some love by giving him a good head pat.


They Are Strong

There is no denying that a werewolf is strong. While I have never gotten the opportunity to feel the strength of one, I could only imagine.


You Don’t Have to Change Yourself

When you are the girlfriend of a werewolf, you will not have to change yourself for him. However, with a vampire, they generally want you to step into their vampire world with them. We witnessed that with Bella.


In the Twilight series, the difference between dating a werewolf and a vampire is stark. While vampires often expect their partners to conform to their immortal and often dangerous lifestyle, werewolves are more accepting of their human partners. This is because werewolves are still human at their core and value the importance of human emotions and relationships. Additionally, werewolves have the ability to control their wolf form, making it easier for their human partners to adjust and feel safe. This dynamic allows for a more equal and healthy relationship between a werewolf and their human partner, without the pressure to change or adapt to a supernatural lifestyle.


Because They’re a Werewolf

Hey, why not love your werewolf boyfriend? He is a werewolf! They are so much better than humans. Sorry girls, I can’t say they’re better than vampires, that would be against my beliefs.

There you have 5 reasons to love your werewolf boyfriend. Can you think of anymore?

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I agree with you and I like it to makes me want to pet my werewolf boyfriend then lick him yep sorry I just well we been in love for a long time so yeah ok by

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